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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FirstFruits and Wave Sheaf - A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection

"The latter rain fills out the “ears” of corn and ripens the grain for the righteous harvest (The Great Controversy page 611, The Loud Cry of the Third Angel page 15, Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers pages 506-507)" [A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection pg. 6]."Christ is the best material, a Living Stone. Ancient Israel was disobedient as they failed to build their house on the best material, Christ, the Chief Corner Stone. 1Peter 2:7 reminds us that Christ is a Precious Stone; “the Head of the Corner”. Ancient Israel was caused to stumble, because they rejected, Christ, the best building material, a solid foundation. 1Corinthians 3:10-15 edifies that all other foundations will be unstable and shatter. The Chief Corner Stone can be trusted, as He has been tested and proven secure Ephesians 2:20, 1Peter 2:6). Gold, silver and precious stones are desirable and Christ has edified mankind that the fire of persecution will purify His remnant as precious stones Zechariah 13:9, Malachi 3:1-3, Titus 2:14" A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection pg. 96]."It is proven that God’s remnant are currently delaying the return of Christ (2Peter 3:12-14, Revelation 7:1-4, 19:11-16, Early Writings pages 36-38)"[A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection pg. 2. "Christ Jesus, OUR GREAT, MAGNIFICENT HIGH PRIEST is now at work, patiently cleansing His remnant’s sins from the Heavenly Sanctuary, a special work of purification Psalms 77:13, Hebrews 6:20, 8:3-4, 9:11-28. Henceforth, let us follow Christ’s directives, putting on His righteous robe, reproducing His perfect, divine Character, hastening His return to reap us as His sealed, righteous harvest Mark 4:26-29, 2Peter 3:12-14, Revelation 14:14-16.

Prayfully our persecution time will hasten so that we as the potential 144,000 will be purified by such forthcoming TRIALS and TRIBULATION, living to see Christ return as the FIRSTFRUITS, having "the Father's name written in their foreheads" Zechariah 13:9, Malachi 3:1-3, 2Peter 3:12-14, Revelation 14:1, Daniel and the Revelation pg. 628. As for the GREAT MULTITUDE, composed partly of those that will be raised from the grave, Christ will present them blameless and faultless as "tokens of His triumph; He presents to God the wave sheaf, those raised with Him as representatives of that great multitude who shall come forth from the grave at His second coming" 1Thessalonians 5:23, Jude 1:24-25, Desire of Ages pg. 834. "The sheaf dedicated to God represented the harvest. So Christ the first fruits represented the great spiritual harvest to be gathered for the Kingdom of God" (Desire of ages pg. 786). "Souls that are righteously sealed in death, guarded by heavenly angels, can not be resurrected until the 144,000, God’s remnant, are perfected in character, as “ is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept” 1Corinthians 15:20" A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection.