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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christian Perfection through Yeshua

"A spirit of solemn and earnest prayer was everywhere felt by the saints. A holy solemnity was resting upon them. Angels were watching with the deepest interest the effect of the message, and were elevating those who received it, and drawing them from earthly things to obtain large supplies from salvation's fountain. God's people were then accepted of Him. Jesus looked upon them with pleasure, for His image was reflected in them" (Early Writings page 239).

 "As wax takes the impression of the seal, so the soul is to take the impression of the Spirit of God and retain the image of Christ" (Maranatha page 241).

“Christ is the great pattern; His character must be our character”. “All excellence is in Him” (1Selected Messages page 362). Character perfecting is essential, as the Messiah’s character, must be our character, and all excellence is found in Him, as we “...endeavor to keep pace with the third angel’s message” (Manuscript 10,1889, 1Selected Messages page 362)" [A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection pages 85-86].

The Spirit of Beneficence:  “God is the source of life and light and joy to the universe. Like rays of light from the sun, like the streams of water bursting from a living spring, blessings flow out from Him to all His creatures. And wherever the life of God is in the hearts of men, it will flow out to others in love and blessing” (Steps to Christ page 77). Hebrews 1:1, 2, 3 edifies that Christ is the image of God, the image of His majesty, manifesting His outshining glory, the Character of God (Exodus 20). Christ came to this sin darkened earth to reveal the light and love of God (1John 4:8, 16). By dwelling on earth with mankind, Jesus revealed the love of God to man and angels. Christ is the Word and Wisdom of the Godhead made audible (John 1:1). The glory shining in the presence and face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrificing love, the light from Calvary, the law of Heaven and life (Exodus 33:18-23, 1Corinthians 13:4-8). Love is kind, patient and forgiving; doing no ill to neighbors, fulfilling the essence of Christ’s perfect righteousness. 1John 4:8, 16, 19 edifies that God is love, and if humans love Him they will keep His Commandments (Exodus 20, John 14:15). 1Corinthians 13 speaks of agape, unselfish love. Romans 13:10 edifies that God’s love is harmless. God is in the business of saving souls. God gives life, seeking to preserve souls, while sin causes destruction and death (James 1:15). Functionally, it is sin that produces destruction, killing humanity and causing the second death. God’s wonderful purposeful grace is the mystery of Divine redeeming love, revealed at Calvary (Romans 5:20). The Spirit of Beneficence involves the law of life, unveiling God’s self-sacrificing, loving nature (Romans 5:5, 1John 4:8,16,19, The Desire of Ages page 21, Steps to Christ pages 77-80, The Acts of the Apostles pages 546-554). Christ was manifested in human form on earth, dwelling in the light of the glory of God. The Most High’s character is revealed in His Son, Christ Jesus. Overcomers will search the scriptures, learning about eternal life (Revelation 3:21). Overcomers must understand the truth about the love of God, as He is patient, kind, generous, humble, courteous, selfless, good-tempered, guileless and sincere (Galatians 5:22-23, 1Corinthians 13:4-8, 2Peter 1:3-8) [A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection page 57].

"Revelation 14:1-5 speaks of individuals who will manifest the perfected character of Christ (1Peter 2:9). Romans 1:16, 17, 20 is the message of the Everlasting Gospel that will righteously empower the production of this character of Christ within His people, 144,000 in number. God’s remnant can not be perfected without the Everlasting Gospel which is God’s righteous and wise power. It required all of the righteous Power of the Godhead to create the earth, bringing something out of nothing. Similarly, it will take something within the righteous power of God to bring sinful man from a state of less than nothing, to “having his Father’s name written in their foreheads” (Revelation 14:1). Isaiah 40:17 states that as man is sinful, they are less than nothing. Thus, it takes God’s righteous power to recreate, revive and reform mankind (Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 3:2-3, 11:9-15). 2Corinthians 5:17 edifies that if any man be in Christ, they are a new creature. This is why the Gospel was given by God. Finally, Revelation 14:14-16 edifies that when God’s people are perfected, then God will return to claim them as His own. The righteous remnant, God’s harvest, must be ripe: His character must be fully reproduced within them, leading into His speedy return to claim them as His own (Mark 4:26-29, 2Peter 3:12-14, Revelation 14:14-16). Overcomers must not fixate only on the Three Angels’ messages but they must also focus on producing the complete character of Christ, found in Revelation 14:1-5, maintaining guileless mouths and unblemished garments" (A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection pages 21-22).

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